.....what happened to the 1997 & 1998 seasons on the web?

The bad news is that they're gone and not retrievable (see below).  The good news is that I did have the general game statistics already saved & copied to backup files, so we've retained the important league archive info but lost the pictures and witty commentary that started to take shape back in those early days.  A shame, but life goes on . . . and we really didn't look at those clunky old sites anyway!


Here's the note from AOL that you get if you follow the original links to the websites.  This came as a big surprise as people received no actual warnings that this hosting section would be shut down.  Had I known this was coming, I could have easily saved & transferred the files to my server.  Unfortunately when it was shut down all those files were erased.  Nice going, AOL . . . no wonder you're failing.

Hometown Has Been Shutdown

Dear AOL Hometown user,

We're sorry to inform you that as of Oct. 31, 2008, AOLŪ Hometown was shut down permanently. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


The AOL Hometown Team


Courtesy of the Internet Archives "Wayback" machine, sections of the sites still exist though will not be useful.  Here's the links:

1997 Season

1998 Season