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Updated Friday, January 13, 2012

**Money totals have been emailed January 10th, full statistical breakdown has been emailed as of January 12th, and you can also get a copy here.
PDF of Year-End Stats

FULL and final site update AFTER the party!
See you Saturday

Map to McGonigal's Pub

Also, the 53 points scored by FuMunda Cheez in week #2 was bad enough to win the "VEGA-25" award for the year!



Saturday January 14th
McGonigal's Pub    2:30 PM - ???

You all received the email addressing this right before Christmas, and you will get a follow-up one this coming week.  We have the entire 2nd level on the PUB side this time (promise!!!) and it will start around 2:30 PM.  Game times for the AFC & NFC Divisional Playoffs are still TBA but typically they have been starting around 3:30 PM.  Updates sent out when available.  Well discuss some of the rule changes for 2012 and the pretty much guaranteed move to a different host.  Ive used all the main ones CBS, ESPN, YAHOO and I think most of you have done the same, so lets figure out which one is the best fit for us.  No real worries, we have some time before the new season starts.

As usual we will need to settle up on all league debts, so be sure to bring plenty of CASH to the event (money totals will be out by Monday 1/9/12).  All participants will pay $20 "at the door" to cover costs and we'll adjust accordingly as the day progresses.  Strip cards and the usual stuff will be happening.  Feel free to bring friends along, the more the merrier!


I know you've heard this "update promise" from me before, but this time it's real...the party is coming up!

for their SFFL 2011 Championship Win!

Minor Congrats go to Blind Squirrels for finishing 7th place in the losers bracket, and of course the High Tech Rednecks for their Toilet Bowl victory!

Assholes win the Point Championship and Power Rankings as well.  As mentioned ALL STATS will be updated shortly.


General/Older News

12/7/11:  Yes I've failed miserably on updating our main landing page (this one) during the season, but all the regular season and year-end stats will be posted here ASAP - regular season stuff by this Thursday or Friday.  Check the MyFantasyLeague Page for the playoff breakdown.

Here's what I have now:

Playoff Seeding

1. Assholes (10-3) - National conference champ
2. Brodnitos Banditos (10-3)
- Federal conference chamap
3. G-Men (9-4)
- wildcard
4. Pull My Finger (8-5) - American conference champ
5. Anal Leakage (7-6)
- wildcard
6. Painful Rectal Itches (7-6)
- wildcard

Loser Bracket (TBD)


10/13/11:  Hello league - though I have been on top of the transactions and other league happenings, the demands of the pub never cease...so obviously as you can see, any work to the main site here has suffered.  I really do intend to get it updated, but my goal at this point will be the midway point of our season (probably after week #7) where I can do a fun breakdown on the good, bad & ugly in the SFFL. 

I hope you are all enjoying the year so far, and I know it's tough for most of you with families, etc, but it would be great to see you up at the pub some Sundays as the weather starts turning bad.  Our upstairs is a great place to watch multiple games!

Anyway, thanks for your patience and I'll be back in touch HERE in a couple weeks.

Bryan, A.K.A "the Commish" 

SFFL Survivor Pool & VEGA-25

FULL UPDATES coming at the end of the season...

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