Updated Thursday, January 13, 2011
CONGRATS to our 2010 and first time league champs...




Saturday, January 15th...

Our annual year-end party
will be this Saturday, January 15th in the 2nd level of McGonigal’s Pub, starting around 2:30 PM . . . this gives you a chance to get here, get settled and of course get in some of the strip cards!  We generally have the entire level to ourselves unless others wander upstairs.  The first game is Baltimore-Pittsburgh (3:30 PM) followed by FudgePackers-Atlanta (7:00 PM).  I’ll put out a general snack buffet for our group but obviously feel free to order off the menu as well (we have no buffalo shrimp, sorry!).  I think we’ll do the party the same way as we have in the past, everyone at the party throws in $20 and we run one tab through the first game, or at least until halftime of the first game (we can decide on the fly).  We need to do it this way initially since there are some funds ($150) from the league pot set aside for the party, which will be applied to that tab.  Afterwards we can split up and just do our own tabs for those who are hanging around.  For all food & drinks purchased I’ll pass along our “employee discount” to everyone who’s running a tab.  Should end up being a great deal . . . less you have to spend on food and booze, more you can put towards gambling! 

Remember that everyone who owes needs to bring CASH to the party to settle up, and we need to collect from everyone who owes in order to pay off the others.  I’m assuming that everyone will be here or at least have one representative from their team at the party, but if not I’ll assume prior arrangements have been made.

The pub is at 105 S. Cook Street, which is a block east of Rt. 59 and about half a block south of Lake-Cook Road.  It's pretty damn easy to find, and I'm pretty sure everyone has already been there at least once...but if not, here's a google map:

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Year-end $$ Totals
Following is the final breakdown, and you can also download the full spreadsheet of info (in PDF format).

Team Name


Anal Leakage




Blind Squirrels


Brodnitos Banditos




FuMunda Cheez




High Tech Rednecks


Painful Rectal Itches


Pull My Finger








Final 2010 Year-End Standings:

1.  G-Men (11-4)
2. Blind Squirrels (11-4)
3. Ruffy (8-7)
4. High Tech Rednecks (8-7)
5. Brodnitos Banditos (7-7)
6. Cyclones (7-7)
7. Painful Rectal Itches (8-7)
8. Pull My Finger (7-8)
9. Anal Leakage (7-8)
10. Fumunda Cheez (6-9)
11. VEGA (4-11)
12. Assholes (5-10)




It's a bird...it's a plane...no, it's the G-MEN!
Gotta give props to BOTH Superbowl teams, both were the best in the league this year, with one being the Toilet Bowl champ in '09 and the other was the LEAGUE champ in '09.  In the end the G-Men hung on for a good SFFL Superbowl game (107-101) that featured low scoring, really low efficiency and having to wait until Tuesday night for the outcome.  Defending champs Blind Squirrels came up just a bit short in their repeat efforts...by six points to be exact.  How fitting that Peter's Polock kicker fetish he's had for all these years finally paid off!  Anyway, it's good to see yet another new team win the SFFL championship...that's three in the past three seasons.  Congrats G-Men, you earned it in 2010!

The less exciting and significantly less meaningful bracket had the Painful Rectal Itches claiming the 7th place trophy over Pull My Finger.  And there was much rejoicing.

We still have the TOILET BOWL in Week #17 that features bottom-dwelling VEGA and the Assholes.  Should be a classic matchup with two once proud teams that have seven combined SFFL championships!

On a side note, the G-Men and Brodnito's Banditos ended up tied in the NFL survivor pool, both getting knocked out in Week #16.  They will split the $200 pot.  Also, Anal Leakage is still hanging onto that coveted VEGA-25 award with one game left...

Final league statistics will be posted around January 5th, with the $$ totals to follow shortly afterwards.  Remember that we'll be having the Year-End party on Saturday, January 15th...which could possibly be focused around the Bears first playoff game...how cool is that? 

Happy New Year everyone!


General/Older News

Not much here, not much posted this year.  See the News archives...


Year-End Party...Saturday January 15th
Mark your calendars for January 15th; it's the Divisional Playoff round and we'll be doing the party as we've done in the past...only better since we'll take the entire upstairs of the pub!  More details to follow.

End of Regular Season Awards:
The playoff updates are posted on the MFL site, but here's the remaining guaranteed awards to date:

Points Champions:
Top Three earn cash based on % of total league pot
(15%, 7.5%, 3.5%)

Rank Team Scored Behind Leader
1 G-Men 1912  
2 Blind Squirrels 1826 -86
3 Pull My Finger 1794 -118
4 High Tech Rednecks 1693 -219
5 Ruffy 1688 -224
6 Painful Rectal Itches 1668 -244
7 Brodnitos Banditos 1664 -248
8 Cyclones 1658 -254
9 VEGA 1635 -277
10 Assholes 1599 -313
11 FuMunda Cheez 1465 -447
12 Anal Leakage 1432 -480

$100 for first place...
The G-Men (84.69%) overtake the Blind Squirrels (82.40%) in the last week!

Power Ranks
$100 for first place...

The BLIND SQUIRRELS took the lead in week #2 and never let go!  They beat out the G-Men 47.71 - 46.55.

Division Winners
Each earn 10% of the total league pot
G-Men (American), Cyclones (National), Blind Squirrels (Federal)

Wildcard Teams
Each earn 4% of the total league pot

Ruffy (American), High Tech Redneck (Federal), Brodnito's Banditos (Federal)

SFFL Survivor Pool
G-Men win $100
Assholes win $20

Final Regular Season Standings:

1.  Blind Squirrels (10-3)
2. G-Men (9-4)
3. High Tech Rednecks (7-6)
4. Ruffy (7-6)
5. Brodnitos Banditos (7-6)
6. Cyclones (7-6)
7. Pull My Finger (6-7)
8. Painful Rectal Itches (6-7)
9. Anal Leakage (6-7)
10. Assholes (5-8)
11. FuMunda Cheez (5-8)
12. VEGA (3-10)


Playoff time...but first...

Congrats to Dave and Susan Bockman on the birth of
Jonathan David!
Born December 4, 2010 @ 5:15 AM.  7 lbs, 14 oz, 21" long.  

Folks, the playoff brackets are posted on our MFL page.  More updates to this page forthcoming...


Yup, we're finally updated...

...that only took twelve weeks!

So pretty much everything that needed to be updated HAS been updated.  Obviously there were no Week in Review writeups but you can review the MyFantasyLeague reports by clicking here.  Team info wasn't done and the rules manual didn't really change.  Sorry guys, in the fifteen years I've been doing this I've never been so busy, and fantasy football took a back seat to priorities.  You may also have noticed that I haven't been bugging people about coming out to watch football on Sundays.  Heck, I'm usually running around so much that I haven't enjoyed weekends watching the games nearly as much as I have in the past, and I show them all at MY own place with unlimited booze!  Anyway, I would anticipate that things should be better in 2011...and this year we definitely need a day to gather together for a Bears game.  Perhaps week #14 vs. the Patriots.  Noon game, and I'll do a big halftime buffet at the pub. Sound good?

Regarding the playoffs, remember that the top six teams make it; this includes the three division winners and three wildcard teams (based on best records and other tiebreakers as outlined in the rules manual).  There is the "Last Chance bracket" with the bottom six teams (same setup) and of course the toilet bowl is the only week 17 game.  It's all single elimination with final standings based on overall records and tiebreakers. 

The regular season ends week #13, which is this coming weekend of games!  Here's where we stand after week #12:

1) Blind Squirrels (9-3)
2) G-Men (8-4)
3) Cyclones (6-6)
4) Brodnito's Banditos (7-5)
5) Pull My Finger (6-6)
6) Ruffy (6-6)
7) High Tech Rednecks (6-6)
8) Anal Leakage (6-6)
9) Assholes (5-7)
10) FuMunda Cheez (5-7)
11) Painful Rectal Itches (5-7)
12) VEGA (3-9)

Point Total / Power Rank / Efficiency titles
These all end in the regular season (end of week #13).  You can see the standing for Power Ranks on the MFL page, and Efficiency here.  As for point totals, here's where we stand through Week #12.  It would appear the current top three teams will remain there (and get some $$) so we just need to see where it all ends up...

Team Thru W12  
G-Men 1795 *****
Blind Squirrels 1735 -60
Pull My Finger 1695 -100
High Tech Rednecks 1591 -204
Brodnitos Banditos 1591 -204
Ruffy 1564 -231
VEGA 1549 -246
Assholes 1521 -274
Painful Rectal Itches 1516 -279
Cyclones 1462 -333
FuMunda Cheez 1353 -442
Anal Leakage 1290 -505


SFFL Survivor Pool & VEGA-25

CONGRATS to the G-Men!
Week Team OUT $ amount
1 Anal Leakage (76) -$10.00
2 Brodnito's Banditos (97) -$10.00
3 Fumunda Cheez (75) -$10.00
4 Cyclones (60) -$10.00
5 VEGA (86) -$10.00
6 High Tech Rednecks (78) -$10.00
7 Painful Rectal Itches (80) -$10.00
8 Ruffy (83) -$10.00
9 Pull My Finger (110) -$10.00
10 Blind Squirrels (106) -$10.00
11 Assholes (120) $20.00
WINNER: G-Men $100.00

VEGA-25 Update
Hopefully you all remember how this award was born: all the way back in 1999, VEGA managed to amazingly score only 25 points in one week - that was with a starting roster of non-injured, non-bye-week players. The good news was that VEGA went on to win their first championship that year, which offset the embarrassment of the absolute worst week in SFFL history. To keep the spirit of that special day intact, a few years later we enacted the "VEGA-25" award to honor the team with the lowest week total during the entire season (including playoffs). Basically you are awarded by paying an additional $25 to the league so it ain't something you want to earn! Assuming someone scores lower than the 25, the award will be renamed to honor that crappy team. To date that hasn't happened...

We don't have a winner just yet...after referring to the rules manual, this applies to all active teams through the end of the season INCLUDING playoffs.  Through Week #13 the lowest scoring team is ANAL LEAKAGE who took the VEGA-25 lead in week #10 with a 49 point performance.

Prior Season Info

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