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 Their team may have failed miserably in the championship game, but the High Tech Rednecks...well, Russ still a "winner" as his man is in the White House!  We have no hot waitress pics to share this year, so sadly THIS is the one to forever be the final pic of the week for our 2008 site.  Bleah.

Thanks for another fun year...
...see you in August!
For those of you who didn't read or keep a copy from the party, CLICK HERE for the year-end writeup that I do every year (pdf format).  It gives the general team summaries plus the "Good" and "Bad" for the's all very self-explanatory.  Enjoy! 

Figures we'd have the party in the midst of a rather intense snowstorm, but despite the weather just about everyone showed up for it (Dave H, very sorry to hear about your father...Gene & Jeff, be glad you didn't have to fight the weather trying to get here...and Larry WTF where were you??).  Durty Nellie's worked well for many of the football Sundays and had MORE than enough space and televisions to comfortably accommodate our crowd.  I thought the year-end party generally went OK, but admittedly I missed having it at Duffy's, as I'm sure many of the Golden Tee and Miller Lite drinkers did too.  In the end cost-wise it seemed to be about the same, but the atmosphere was certainly much different...and frankly if the bar was the least bit prepared for us it would have made the start of the day much better.  Yes I had spoken to the main owner fact three days before the party we went over details and it was all "set".  Later that afternoon one of the other owners, along with the manager on duty, were very apologetic for the inconvenience of no upstairs bartender, etc., yet there was no offer of complimentary drinks or assistance on the bill.  Seemed to be not that customer-friendly but life goes on.  Also, I didn't gather any real fun pics of good looking waitresses or other general silliness...the few pics I took were rather boring so fughttaboutit.  Whatever, I for one still had a good time.  Of course the Assholes won more money as usual in the strip cards, but it appeared that the wealth was at least spread out a bit more this year...amazing how hitting a number on a strip card can brighten the day!  Also, a special thanks goes out to our friends from Anal Leakage and High Tech Rednecks, who in total tossed in about $220 extra towards the bar tabs. 

In closing I'd like to again congratulate Anal Leakage on their first ever SFFL Championship, and to the other four teams who walked away with cash from the league this year.  Even if you didn't win money, I certainly hope everyone had fun this season and will be back again for the 2009 campaign.  We'll probably have the draft at the same place, and hopefully by then we'll have an "official" bar location for Football Sundays decided upon, but we'll worry about that a bit later.  I'll send out all league updates via e-mail and will have our new site going by early August...of course it will always remain at this same address.  Most of you already know how to contact me, but always feel free to use the main league email  Tentatively mark down Saturday, August 29th as our draft date but we'll confirm this later.  Thank you again and best to you & yours in 2009! 

Anal Leakage

(There may have been some better teams, but in the end these are the guys holding the trophy!)

2008 Toilet Bowl Winner
Painful Rectal Itches

(this toilet seat is being shipped to Arizona for Gene to proudly disply in his home)

2008 JoBu Award
**The League's Unluckiest Team**
Pull My Finger

(Most points scored against, 34 transactions, lots of bad luck, hey they still really tried!)

Money totals!
Five teams are in the black, seven teams are in the red.  Here's what everyone owes for the year, sorted by team.  Also, CLICK HERE for the itemized breakdown in PDF format. 

Team $$ Totals
Anal Leakage $941.15
Assholes -$262.50
Blind Squirrels $544.32
Brodnitos Banditos $511.40
Cyclones -$346.25
FuMunda Cheez -$213.50
G-Men $228.00
High Tech Rednecks $802.64
Painful Rectal Itches -$196.75*
Pull My Finger -$127.38
Ruffy -$239.50
VEGA -$66.63
*PRI total is -$266.70 less admin fees for MyFantasyLeague program.

Final SFFL 2008 Standings

1 Anal Leakage (11-4)
2 High Tech Rednecks (11-4)
3 Brodnito's Banditos (8-7)
4 VEGA (8-7)
5 Blind Squirrels (9-5)
6 Pull My Finger (7-7)
7 G-Men (9-7)
8 FuMunda Cheez (6-10)
9 Ruffy (6-8)
10 Assholes (6-8)
11 Painful Rectal Itches (3-12)
12 Cyclones (5-10)

Final Results, our last two weeks
CHAMPIONSHIP (week #16):
Anal Leakage 92, High Tech Rednecks 76

Consolation (week #16):
G-Men 122, FuMunda Cheez 97

Toilet Bowl (Week #17)
Painful Rectal Itches 182, Cyclones 129

FINAL Regular Season Standings
(top six teams make the playoffs)

1. High Tech Rednecks (10-3) Will this FINALLY be their year?  Looking good so far...
2. Anal Leakage (9-4) Great turnaround from dismal 2007, but will their luck hold out?
3. Brodnito's Banditos (7-6) Not nearly as dominating as last year but still defending champs.
4. Blind Squirrels (9-4) Been bridesmaids before, poised to make the championship leap.
5. VEGA (7-6) Four time SFFL champs are very, VERY lucky to have made it this far.
6. Pull My Finger (7-6) Tough division was their kryptonite, could surprise in playoffs.
7. Ruffy (6-7) Choked away conference title chances in weeks 11-12, return to consolation bracket.
8. Assholes (6-7) Average season, but dramatic loss in last week kills their playoff hopes.
9. G-Men (6-7) Were one of the league's best until the five-game skid.  Now look at 'em!
10. Cyclones (5-8) Good inter-conference record in lousy conference was their only plus.
11. FuMunda Cheez (4-9) Prove that extra draft picks doesn't assure success.  Very disappointing.
12. Painful Rectal Itches (2-11) Even the elite SFFL teams can truly suck ass on any given year.

FINAL Point Totals, Efficiency and Power Ranks
Remember that these three categories all are awarded to the leaders as of the end of the REGULAR season, which is officially over as of the final results of week #13.  This info is available on the main MyFantasyLeague page, but to update here:

Point Totals: top three teams earn $$$ based on the set percentages from our league pot.  Final results have the Blind Squirrels as our runaway point champion with 1867 points, which was 188 higher than their closest competitor.  #2 is Brodnito's Banditos with 1679, and #3 is the High Tech Rednecks with 1632.  Congrats to these guys!

Power Rankings:  In a remarkably close race, the High Tech Rednecks earn the $100 prize by 0.10 points, squeaking by the Blind Squirrels 46.34 to 46.24.

Efficiency Ratings:  Anal Leakage is the runaway winner of the $100 bounty for this category with an impressive 83.84%, over 3% better than their closest competitor.

VEGA-25 Standings
Hopefully you all remember how this award was born: all the way back in 1999, VEGA managed to amazingly score only 25 points in one week - that was with a starting roster of non-injured, non-bye-week players.  The good news was that VEGA went on to win their first championship that year, which offset the embarrassment of the absolute worst week in SFFL history.  To keep the spirit of that special day intact, a few years later we enacted the "VEGA-25" award to honor the team with the lowest week total during the season.  Basically you are awarded by paying an additional $25 to the league so it ain't something you want to earn!  Assuming someone scores lower than the 25, the award will be renamed to honor that crappy team.  To date that hasn't happened...

The Cyclones win it in 2008 their almost record-setting 28 point performance in week #6.

Sad news on OLD SFFL Archives
It appears AOL has canned their "AOL Hometown" section, which was the small amount of web and file hosting they allocated for each user's screen name.  Unfortunately it affects our league for the 1997 and 1998 web pages; this is what I used before getting my own hosting service and site names (starting in 1999).  Yes, these old sites were quite awful but still contained some of our league info.  Never fear as I do have info backups, just not backups of the actual old websites.  AND, after looking into it further, it appears AOL has completely dumped all the data so there is no way to retrieve it from the site.  Oh well...perhaps in time I'll resurrect those two seasons, at the very least just to get some of the existing game/season data up for reference.

Our SFFL Survivor Pool
EVERY team participates in this ($10 per team), with the lowest scoring team each week being eliminated.  This will go through week #11.  There is nothing you need to do other than to try & NOT be the lowest scoring team! 
Week Team OUT PTS $ amount
1 Painful Rectal Itches* 65 -$10.00
2 Fumunda Cheez 73 -$10.00
3 G-Men 71 -$10.00
4 Pull My Finger 75 -$10.00
5 Assholes 73 -$10.00
6 Cyclones 28 -$10.00
7 Blind Squirrels 82 -$10.00
8 Anal Leakage 111 -$10.00
9 Brodnito's Banditos 86 -$10.00
10 VEGA 88 -$10.00
11 Ruffy 74 +$10
W HT Rednecks 138 +$90

*Two years in a row, PRI was the first team eliminated from this pool!

NFL Survivor Pool winners: the G-Men
We made it through only four weeks this year, and the G-Men with their pick of San Diego are the last ones standing out of nine.  Four teams get knocked out in week #4 (one had Denver, the others had Dallas).  So, it turns out to be a quick $225 for the 'Men.  Congrats!

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