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Great Party, Great Year!  Thanks everyone!!!
They keep getting more fun every season!  It was an excellent turnout (I think there were only three no-shows) and the majority hung out well into the second game.  If only the games could have been more exciting...well, at least many of you had Golden Tee to keep you occupied.  I'm sure everyone enjoyed smelling like an ashtray once they left; I thought it was amusing to open the zippered folder the next day (along with the clothes hamper) and immediately relive that special smoky experience.  Congratulations to those of you who walked away with money, either through the league or all the gambling.  Hopefully everyone made it home the end of the evening I do remember Erik & Russ getting into a van, but I don't think they knew who it was or where they were going...

A few "winner" images are posted below.  Additionally, I've put together a thumbnail image page with some of the "best" party pics from January 15th...and the term "best" is used loosely.  Enjoy!   

Another big CONGRATS to the Assholes, who were our 2004 league champs and ended up doubling their league winnings in strip cards at the party.  Oh, and for those of you who didn't know, they did kick in an extra $100 for the party funds. 

Thanks again everyone, you make it truly enjoyable for me to run this league.  Now, if we can just get more people to post in the Soundoff boards and come up to Splinters on Sundays in 2005!  Speaking of which, tentatively mark down your calendars for the THINK TANK on Saturday, August 20th and the DRAFT on Friday, August 26th...again, dates aren't set in stone but those are the likely ones (the season starts September 8th & 11th). 

By the way, there is a ton of information posted below and additional updates to the "Links and More" page for archival purposes.  $$ totals are at the bottom of this page in case anyone forgot how much they won or paid out!  Also, our SFFL Main Page supposedly will never go away, so you can always go back there if you need to reference something. 

Have a great year, and see ya in August!

The Assholes will again be hoisting the SFFL Trophy and perhaps a few cigars at our year-end party.  Also, someone get Sneed a REAL beer!


League Point Champs:
Blind Squirrels

Toilet Bowl Winners:

JoBu Award Winner ("unluckiest team")
Pull My Finger


Scores of the last few games:
CHAMPIONSHIP:  Assholes 144, G-Men 130.
Third Place:  High Tech Rednecks 128, VEGA 60.
Fifth Place:  Painful Rectal Itches 130, FuMunda Cheez 121.
Seventh Place:  Blind Squirrels 170, Dukes 129. 
Ninth Place: Ruffy 190, Pull My Finger 165.
Week #17 TOILET BOWL:  Cyclones 157, Anal Leakage 137. 


1) Assholes (12-4)
2) G-Men (11-5)
3) High Tech Rednecks (10-6)
4) VEGA (8-8)
5) Painful Rectal Itches (10-6)
6) FuMunda Cheez (8-8)
7) Blind Squirrels (8-8)
8) Dukes (7-9)
9) Ruffy (7-8)
10) Pull My Finger (2-13)
11) Cyclones (8-7)
12) Anal Leakage (3-12)


Playoff/Regular Season Award Review

With the 2004 regular season behind us, here's the playoff picture:
Division Champs:
  Assholes (American), G-Men (National), Painful Rectal Itches (Federal)
Division 2nd Place:  Dukes (American), High Tech Rednecks (National), VEGA (Federal)
Wildcards:  FuMunda Cheez (American), Blind Squirrels (Federal)

Last Chance Bracket:
Ruffy (American), Anal Leakage (National), Pull My Finger (National), Cyclones (Federal).

All playoff brackets can be found on the SFFL Main Page


Final Regular Season Rankings:
1) Assholes (9-4, #1 American)
2) G-Men (9-4, #1 National)
3) Painful Rectal Itches (8-5, #1 Federal)
4) High Tech Rednecks (8-5, #2 National)
5) Dukes (7-6, #2 American)
6) VEGA (7-6, #2 Federal)
7) Blind Squirrels (7-6, #3 Federal)
8) FuMunda Cheez (7-6, #3 American)
9) Cyclones (7-6, #4 Federal)
10) Ruffy (5-8, #4 American)
11) Anal Leakage (3-10, #3 National)
12) Pull My Finger (1-12, #4 National)

Final Regular Season Point Totals

Rank Team Total Pts
1 Blind Squirrels 1938
2 Dukes 1844
3 Cyclones 1825
4 FuMunda Cheez 1747
5 Assholes 1740
6 Painful Rectal Itches 1734
7 High Tech Rednecks 1716
8 G-Men 1705
9 VEGA 1632
10 Pull My Finger 1379
11 Ruffy 1364
12 Anal Leakage 1317


The BLIND SQUIRRELS take first place in point totals, followed by the Dukes in the #2 spot who sneak ahead of the Cyclones, who take third place.

Thanks to the Squirrels demise, the Cyclones inch ahead and win the Power Rank title (apparently by .002 percentage points).

Efficiency title goes to the G-Men.

The coveted "VEGA-25" award goes to the Blind Squirrels, who score an amazingly low 35 points in week #15. 

The JoBu Award proudly belongs to Pull My Finger, who gave up 2012 points to their opponents (154.8 per game average). 


League $$ Totals
A printable, detailed version of the breakdown is available by clicking here
(requires adobe acrobat reader)

Total Transactions by Team

Total Weekly Penalties

Team Name TOTALS
Anal Leakage -$410.50
Assholes $938.80
Blind Squirrels $352.09
Cyclones $169.84
Dukes $228.27
FuMunda Cheez -$93.06
G-Men $587.53
High Tech Rednecks $85.59
Painful Rectal Itches $358.85
Pull My Finger -$373.25
Ruffy -$196.00
VEGA -$148.16

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