Whoops...never took enough team pictures at the draft!  We'll catch up with this in 2011.  Sorry!

2010 News Archives
Looking for the old "Week In Review" archives?  Well, unfortunately for this season the commish didn't really have the time or interest to do his usual insightful and always objective weekly writeups.  Perhaps in 2011 they will return once the craziness of the new business is under control. 




Old news of interest...

Hello.  I'm the Commish.
Remember me?

(Updated 10/26) I'm honestly trying to remember how I was able to find so much time to devote to our fantasy football updates.  It seems like such a distant memory...nowadays whenever I do have some time away from the pub it's hanging with the family, vegging out in front of the TV or sleeping (sometimes all at the same time).  This is a fun but challenging new career for sure.  BUT...damn this bar/restaurant business, cutting into my fantasy football time!

All joking aside, I feel rather terrible that the league is not being managed up to my usual high standards, and it's been that way the past couple seasons.  However, I'm getting the league updates together and we should be up to speed on the SFFL Survivor Pool, Penalties, etc. in the next couple days.  As mentioned early in the season the "Week in Reviews" have pretty much been retired, but the least I can do is have a midseason analysis.  Stay tuned, the info will be here shortly.

Also, on Sundays if anyone still wants to watch the Bears, my pub is doing some good things in terms of between our upstairs and downstairs we show most or all of the games.  More fun with a big group, so just let me know when y'all make some plans to come out for it.  I'm always there on Sundays and will be ready for you!

The Bears Still Suck...
Sing along to the old Jonathan Brandmeier song....the video is dated but the song remains the same (and definitely relevant).  Ugh...

Best of luck in week #2...
Wednesday transactions are done with Brandon Jackson being no surprise as the top prize (five high bids for him).  The surprise was the Assholes spending $998 of their allocated $1000 blind bid money for him, and it's only the second week!  Whatever!

Next series of transactions are Saturday morning, deadline 10 AM.  Afterwards the Sunday "first come first served" transactions go from 7 AM - kickoff of the first games.

Saturday afternoon I'm heading to Dallas and have the pleasure of sitting in a skybox for the Cowboys-Bears game...yeah, life can be tough, right?  Anyway, as I said last week, sorry for the lack of updates to this page . . . but y'all got the hang of our MyFantasyLeague program anyway which is the important one.  Next week I should get back into the swing of things again. The pub will be a bit limited on Sunday in terms of our specials and broadcasts (a private party planned months ago is taking up our entire upstairs) but we'll be fully prepared for a comeback on week #3, just hope people show up for it!  Anyway, again good luck this weekend.


Draft Complete...Rosters & Schedules Posted!
Thanks again everyone for another great draft.  AND, to the Assholes, nice idea on the board!  Anyway, the new info is posted below and of course is updated on the MyFantasyLeague page.  I'm pretty certain everything is OK, but check it out and let me know if any corrections are needed.

Draft & Roster Info        Schedule Info

Transactions begin Saturday!
The first round of Blind Bid transactions are this Saturday, September 4th, with 10 AM being the cutoff (you can start bidding early Thursday morning).  The next Blind Bid due date is Wednesday September 8th, 9 PM.  Saturday September 11th 10 AM is the subsequent Blind Bid deadline, then every Sunday (starting 9/12) from 7 AM - Noon is the "First Come, First Served" waivers.  This will pretty much repeat exactly the same for the remainder of the season. On the rare days when the commish won't be available on a Saturday, I'll let you know in advance of the transaction rule changes.

It's happening Saturday, August 28th

Despite my lack of major updates lately, everyone should be well aware that our 2010 SFFL DRAFT is Saturday, August 28th at my pub!  Similar to last year's draft, you need not bring any food or drinks - just yourselves and your expert fantasy football notes!  We will START the draft at 3:00 PM SHARP but you are encouraged to come early to get settled, start drinking and of course grab something to eat . . . in fact I will have our kitchen put out a few snacks for us too.  There's plenty of seating and space on our 2nd level, and it's all ours until 7 PM.  If you choose to stick around, we have a pretty good solo artist (Morgan Fingleton) playing on our main level at 9:30 PM, and there should be some baseball and exhibition football games on as well.

By the way, for those of you who have not made it out yet, it's pretty damn easy to find McGonigal's Pub - we're located one block east of Rt. 59 (Hough St) and less than a block south of Lake-Cook Road (Main St) off of Cook Street.  It's the big old red brick bank! If you choose to take the train (UP Northwest) it drops you off about two blocks east of the building.  Leave the train, cross over the tracks and head west.

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Draft order PICKED on Sunday, August 22
There was no official "Think Tank" this year and the general league rules will likely remain exactly the same.  I sent out an email about Sunday 8/22 and picking the draft order.  It was a small turnout but effective enough, and thanks to our hostess on duty for her help with the picks.

YouTube Video - Hostess Paula makes the #1 pick

1. Cyclones
2. Anal Leakage
3. Painful Rectal Itches
4. G-Men
5. Brodnito’s Banditos
7. FuMunda Cheez
8. High Tech Rednecks
9. Pull My Finger
10. Assholes
11. Blind Squirrels
12. Ruffy

To briefly catch up on last season, here's the writeup and standings.  You can find more at the still-not-complete 2009 site.

Year-End Summary (PDF format)


1 Blind Squirrels (10-5)
2 Ruffy (9-6)
3 Painful Rectal Itches (9-6)
4 Anal Leakage (9-6)
5 FuMunda Cheez (8-6)
6 High Tech Rednecks (7-7)
7 Brodnito's Banditos (7-9)
8 VEGA (7-8)
9 Cyclones (6-8)
10 Pull My Finger (5-10)
11 G-Men (7-8)
12 Assholes (5-10)