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Last update:  Wednesday June 22, 2005

Final Stats & WINNERS
Important League notes
SFFL2000 Playoff Chart, Rankings, and Kick in the Dicks

Finally, the sections have now all been updated with final year-end stats.  Included in the Week in Review section is the YEAR in review as was handed out at the year-end party.  The final league payouts spreadsheet are in the Archives/Goodies section, and some pictures from the year-end party at Splinters will be there soon.  In addition I'd like to make special mention of the following:


(Second season in a row)


(Also runners up in the Superbowl)


(Thus avoiding further embarrassment)

Thanks also to the High Tech Rednecks:  Dave Bockman, who filled in for my while on vacation, and Russ Fyfe for doing the league draft boards all these years with virtually no bitching about it (the lucky guys from Pull My Finger get the honors in August 2001).  



UPDATES:  This page may become more static that usual as I'll do more of my minor updating via e-mail.  Next season's website will keep the same address so you need not worry about changing your links (there will be a link to this one from the 2001 site).  If you do change your e-mail address be sure to let me know.  Mine will remain the same:  SFFL1997@AOL.COM.  VEGA, remember that for next season!

FRANCHISE PLAYER:  just a reminder that we voted in this option for use beginning in the 2001 season.  Any player that was on your roster at the end of the season is eligible for being your one "franchise" player in our upcoming season (use this final Current Roster info for reference).  You have until the Think Tank 2001 to decide; typically this will be the Saturday that's two weeks before the draft.  Yes, it costs $25 to claim a player, and yes you do forfeit your first round selection.  More info as that time approaches, but further details are available in the SFFL2K Rules, last page.

DRAFT 2001:  At the Think Tank we will be picking the draft order, and per our rule changes it will be weighted "NBA Lottery Style".  Gene had a great idea to perhaps use the Grand Victoria Casino as our spot for the draft and will check into room availability & details.  Nothing is for certain yet, but I'm open to any ideas you may have as to our draft location.  Nothing against Palatine Hills, but a change would be nice.


For reference, here's the final PLAYOFF BRACKET, with information on the final team standings below:  

	FINAL RANKINGS through playoffs (playoff teams in blue)
	1)	VEGA (11-4, National Conference & SFFL champ)
	2)	Blind Squirrels (13-2, American Conference champ & SFFL runner-up)
	3)	Painful Rectal Itches (9-6, strong finish earns them top wildcard seed)
	4)	Cheesy-Poofs (8-7, Federal Division Champ via tiebreakers)				
	5)	High Tech Rednecks (7-7, just get in with 3-point win in last week)
	6)	Dukes (7-7, slid from 5-0 to the bottom rung of the playoff ladder)
	7)	G-Men (7-6, week #3 loss to HTR & less points than Dukes make them odd team out)
	8)	Assholes (6-7, miss playoffs for second year in a row)
	9)	Ruffy (5-8, another losing season, but still have point totals to consider)
	10)	Venwaz Balls (5-8, bad season, thank God it's over)
	11)	Cyclones (4-10, National conference bottom feeders but won the Toilet Bowl)
	12)	Pull My Finger (2-12, SFFL bottom feeders, lost Toilet Bowl, simply awful)
Kick in the Dick Results
Week Team (pts scored)
1 VEGA (no lineups)
2 VEGA (74)
3 Cheesy-Poofs (48)
4 PRI (45)
5 Venwaz Balls (80)
6 Pull My Finger (56)
7 Venwaz Balls (58)
8 High Tech Rednecks (98)
9 Dukes (76)
10 High Tech Rednecks (63)
11 Cyclones (84)
12 Pull My Finger (55)
13 Cyclones (78)
14 Ruffy (71)
15 Venwaz Balls (92)
16 PRI (56)
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