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Congrats to the Patriots!
Hey Dave, nice fucking least they made a game of it after that questionable holding call.  Can you say "overrated"? HAHAHAHAHA!

Well folks, with that great Superbowl behind us (as with the playoff league), our season is officially over. Check back later this spring for updates. Ciao.

SFFL Playoffs League - CLICK HERE
(Bryan & Gene, the winners!!!)

After taking close up pics of the trophies earlier that morning, the commish mistakenly left the camera in micro (close) mode...thus virtually all the photos taken at the year-end party turned out dark, blurry and generally crappy.  I've salvaged a few below for the awards.  

CLICK HERE for the Final League Summary Page! (handed out at the party)

I'd like to recognize and pass out a special THANKS to VEGA and the BLIND SQUIRRELS who donated an extra $100 each towards the year-end party bill!  

This will be the last update for quite a while, as SFFL goes into hibernation for a few months.  Check back here later as the web address will remain the same for 2002.

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It wasn't much of a game, but VEGA walks all over the league's best team in the regular season with a 118-59 victory over Pull My FingerBig days by Marshall Faulk and the Miami D were too much for the 'Finger's weak was so poor in fact that they managed the Kick in the Dick as well.  VEGA ends their season at 11-5, which is truly remarkable since they started their season 1-4.  To the perennial stinkers out there (Ruffy, Cyclones), this turnaround certainly provides hope that anything can happen as the season progresses.  As for PMF, this feeble finish doesn't take back the great year they had, finishing with a league's best 12-3 record.  Remarkable in itself since last year they were the worst at 2-12.  Again, shitty teams take can happen! 

In my five years of being the commish, VEGA has been to the Superbowl four times and won the last three...truly proving themselves as THE dominant force in the SFFL (FYI, the other two champions were the Assholes and PRI).  Congrats to a great past three years, and let's see if Marc & Justin can keep up the high standards in 2002, where they will officially be labeled as SFFL's public enemy #1! 

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Point Total Repeat...
...the Blind Squirrels

For the second year in a row, the Blind Squirrels easily earn the top spot in the point totals race and were also this seasons' top money earners.  Though they have yet to win an SFFL title, they keep earning the cash!  Congrats to "the rookie" Rich, and the happier-with-a-good-partner Erik.


Top three teams win $$$
      *Includes week #17 Toilet Bowl

Total Point Rankings      
Team                   Tot
Blind Squirrels       2266
Painful Rectal Itches 2054
VEGA                  2019
Dukes                 1979
Pull My Finger        1970
 Venwaz Balls          1864*
 Cheesy-Poofs          1862*
G-Men                 1803
High Tech Rednecks    1777
Assholes              1678
Ruffy                 1622
Cyclones              1534
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
The Second Annual Toilet Bowl

For the chance to say "we're not the worst team in the league" and earn some cash to lighten their debt load, congrats to the Cheesy-Poofs and their 132-90 victory over Venwaz Balls.  They will carry their trophy proudly until (hopefully) giving it up to another team next season!


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The rest of the playoff and season stats...

Power Rankings Champion (winner earns $50)
Pull My Finger   22.44 Points Per Game average
(runner up, Blind Squirrels @ 22.38 ppg)

Efficiency Ratings Champion (winner earns $50)
Blind Squirrels   87.5% efficiency
(runner up, High Tech Rednecks @ 86.7%)

FINAL playoff bracket with all results.  Congrats again to VEGA.

Final SFFL $$$ Totals AVAILABLE in the Other Info section.
Excel File & PDF (Acrobat) format.  Also, the final Transaction breakdown listing.

Have a great first half of 2002...see ya in August! 

God  Bless America!

"the commish"

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