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To all my loyal "Deep Thought Weekly" fans . . .


It's been an amazing past month or so with the opening of McGonigal's Pub and Park Avenue Wine Bar & Merchant - both places have done remarkably well from the start and there is every indication that these establishments will be quite successful for a very long time.  What was nothing more than a dream not too long ago has become a wonderful reality!  Having said that, one of the drawbacks to these new businesses is the tremendous amount of time involved.  It really is an all-consuming job that affects all other facets of life.  Right now it's been business-first while we develop, learn and make the necessary adjustments.  Basically you "gotta do what you gotta do" to make it all work, which is what's been going on since well before we opened our doors for business.


Suffice to say that even with the great new careers and outstanding business, a better life balance is needed . . . and that will come, hopefully sooner than later!


Anyway, the reason I'm sending you this message is to let you know that despite my sincere hopes to keep it going, Deep Thoughts Weekly is now officially on an indefinite hiatus.  You may have noticed the lack of newsletter updates over the pas few weeks, which has been unintentional but necessary.  My daily work hours have averaged between 16-20 hours per day (no joke), so with with time and sleep a very precious commodity, some things just had to give.  However, this newsletter has been active for almost four years now - I started it in June 2006 - so do not give up hope as I do plan on it making a comeback in the somewhat near future.  In the meantime, you can view back issues of this newsletter which are available in the Deep Thoughts section of (yes, it needs a couple more updates to be current).


You can keep up with me on Facebook and at our official pub website, (oh, my personal/family website has also been on hiatus for a while, sorry!).  I also encourage you to sign up on our pub mailing list through the website as well; this has been used sparingly to date but an official newsletter will be forthcoming.  More important, if you are in the area of downtown Barrington IL, please do stop by for some great food & drink.  The pub is located at 105 S. Cook Street and the wine bar is right next door & connected internally.  A Google Map to the pub can be viewed by clicking here.


I thank you again for your past and future interest in my Deep Thoughts Weekly newsletter and look forward to someday bringing you more weekly fun once again.  Take care and hope to see you at the pub!


Bryan McGonigal


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