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Good Morning . . .


If you want to be the popular one at a party, here's a good thing to do: Go up to some people who are talking and laughing and say, "Well, technically that's illegal." It might fit in with what somebody just said. And even if it doesn't, so what, I hate this stupid party.


Progress = finally getting phone and internet access in the dusty offices in our under construction buildings.  It happened at the end of last week.  Perhaps I’ll now find the time to actually work on the website and other marketing efforts WHILE at work!


FAMOUS BIRTHDAYS, December 7th              

1987 - Aaron Carter (singer)

1967 - Tino Martinez (baseball)

1966 - C. Thomas Howell (actor)

1958 - Edd Hall (TV personality)

1956 - Larry Bird (basketball)

1949 - Tom Waits (singer, songwriter, actor)

1947 - Johnny Bench (baseball)

1942 - Harry Chapin (songwriter, singer, d. 1981)

1932 - Ellen Burstyn (actor)

1931 - Bobby Osborne (singer)

1925 - Ted Knight (actor, d. 1986)

1915 - Eli Wallach (actor)

1912 - Louis Prima (musician, singer, d. 1978)

1910 - Rod Cameron (actor, d. 1983)

1905 - Gerard Peter Kuiper (astronomer, d. 1973)

1879 - Rudolf Friml (musician, composer, d. 1972)

1873 - Willa Cather (author, d. 1947)

1863 - Richard W Sears (merchant, d. 1914)

1598 - Gian Lorenzo Bernini (Baroque sculptor, architect, painter, d. 1680)



Criminal Creature Comforts

In October in Orange County, Calif., Billy Joe Johnson, who had just been convicted of murder as a hit man for a white supremacist gang, begged the judge and jury, in all sincerity, to sentence him to death. Johnson knew that those on California's death row get individual cells and better telephone access, nicer contact-visit arrangements, and more personal-property privileges than ordinary inmates. The Los Angeles Times reported that the state's spending per death-row inmate is almost three times that for other inmates. The current death-row census totals 685, but because of legal issues, only 13 have been executed since 1977 (compared to 71 death-row fatalities from other causes). In fact, Johnson was so eager to be put on death row that he tried to confess to two murders that no one yet knew about.



Lisa Blair and her six sisters were enjoying a Thanksgiving meal in Hamilton, Ontario (in Canada, Thanksgiving was Oct. 12), when they began noticing suspicious flecks in the food and realized that their necklace lockets, containing the ashes of their mother (who had passed away two weeks earlier) were leaking. A local funeral services store restocked and sealed the lockets.


News That Sounds Like a Joke

In August, the Thorpe Park amusement facility in Chertsey, England, posted signs on its roller coaster admonishing riders not to wave their arms during the ride. According to director Mike Vallis: "We've found that when the temperature tops 77 degrees (F), the level of unpleasant (underarm) smells can become unacceptable, and we do receive complaints."



As a reminder, my reason for sending this is to help keep communication lines open between friends while hopefully adding a bit of levity to the day.  Back issues are available in the Deep Thoughts section of my website.  Have a great week!


Bryan McGonigal


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