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Good Morning . . .


I hope they never find out that lightning has a lot of vitamins in it, because do you hide from it or not?


I'd like to pass along belated happy birthday wishes to my sister-in-law Michelle Kierna (August 19th) and my nephew Rory, who celebrated birthday #2 yesterday.  Fortunately no more "tree" dramas for me this weekend, but the real drama begins this week as the pub hits high speed in the development process.  Oh, and my league's fantasy football draft is this coming weekend.  Wish me luck!


FAMOUS BIRTHDAYS, August 24th                   

1988 - Rupert Grint (actor)

1981 - Chad Michael Murray (actor)

1973 - Dave Chappelle (actor, comedian, producer)

1965 - Marlee Matlin (actress)

1962 - Craig Kilborn (comedian, talk show host)

1960 - Cal Ripken, Jr (Baseball player)

1958 - Steve Guttenberg (actor)

1949 - Joe Regalbuto (actor)

1945 - Ken Hensley (musician, composer)

1945 - Vince McMahon (wrestler, announcer, chairman of WWE)

1938 - Mason Williams (musician, writer)

1938 - David Freiberg (musician)

1929 - Yasser Arafat (Palestinian leader, d. 2004)

1912 - Durward Kirby (comedian, d. 2000)

1901 - Preston Foster (actor, d. 1970)

1899 - Jose Luis Borges (writer, d. 1986)

1898 - Malcolm Cowley (Literary critic, editor, d. 1989)

1890 - Duke Kahanamoku (surfer - gold medal winner, d. 1968)



Bright Ideas

Chicago banker George Michael, seeking to avoid $80,000 a year in property taxes, decided to call his $3 million mansion a "church" and apply for tax exemption as pastor, and in July 2008, his application was somehow preliminarily approved by the Illinois Department of Revenue. According to a Chicago Tribune report, the application included a photograph of the "church," which was just a shot of an outer wall of Michael's house with a large cross on it, except that the cross was later discovered to have been merely placed on the photograph in marker pen. In July 2009, a state administrative law judge finally reversed the earlier approval.


Leading Economic Indicators

Officials in Heath, Ohio, might have solved their budget problems. The town (population 8,500) reported in July that its new, six-intersection traffic-camera ticketing system issued 10,000 citations in its first four weeks. (Nonetheless, officials admitted that was too many and were discussing how to ease up.)


News That Sounds Like a Joke

A 114-pound tortoise, part of the Zambini Family Circus performing in Madison, Wis., in July, escaped. He actually made good time on his dash for freedom, covering two miles in six days before being spotted.


About 20 men were present for a Belgian body builders' championship in May when three anti-doping officials arrived unexpectedly and requested urine samples. Every single contestant abruptly grabbed his gear and fled, according to press reports, and the event was canceled.



As a reminder, my reason for sending this is to help keep communication lines open between friends while hopefully adding a bit of levity to the day.  Back issues are available in the Deep Thoughts section of my website.  Have a great week!


Bryan McGonigal


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