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Good Morning . . .


How come the dove gets to be the peace symbol?  How about the pillow?  It has more feathers than the dove, and it doesn't have that dangerous beak.


April showers bring May flowers, but they also make lots and lots of mud and rain out some baseball games.  Yuk!



1976 - Joey Lawrence (actor)

1972 - Carmen Electra (actress)

1961 - Don Mattingly (baseball)

1959 - Clint Howard (actor)

1951 - Luther Vandross (R&B singer/songwriter, d. 2005)

1949 - Jessica Lange (actress)

1941 - Ryan O'Neal (actor)

1938 - Betty Cuthbert (Olympic athlete)

1937 - George Takei (actor)

1924 - Nina Foch (actress, d. 2008)

1908 - Lionel Hampton (composer, bandleader, actor, vibraphonist, d. 2002)

1893 - Harold Lloyd (actor, daredevil, d. 1971)

1893 - Joan Miro (surrealist painter, d. 1983)

1889 - Adolph Hitler (German dictator, d. 1945)

1808 - Louis-Napoleon (Napoleon III, Emperor of France, d. 1873)



Governments (not) in Action

The U.S. National Nuclear Security Administration recently postponed its crucial program to rejuvenate quarter-century-old Trident missile warheads because no one can remember how to make a key component of the weapons (codenamed "Fogbank"), according to a March 2 report of the Government Accountability Office. The GAO found that, despite concern over the bombs' safety and reliability, NNSA could not replicate the manufacturing process because all knowledgeable personnel have left the agency and no written records were kept. Said one commentator, "This is like James Bond destroying his instructions as soon as he's read them."  NOTE: the GAO report came two months after the German Interior Ministry reported to Parliament that over a 10-year period, it had lost 332 secret files that were in fact so secret that no one in the Ministry could recall what was in them.


Least Competent Criminals

In March, two men were seen on a backyard surveillance camera in St. Petersburg, Fla., attempting a home break-in during the day when no one was home. According to the police report, one of the men assumed a football stance, then ran the length of the yard and rammed the back door. However, the latch held, and the impact sent the man backward, leaving him on the ground, writhing in pain. The collision also triggered an alarm, and the men escaped before police arrived.



As a reminder, my reason for sending this is to help keep communication lines open between friends while hopefully adding a bit of levity to the day.  Back issues are available in the Deep Thoughts section of my website.  Have a great week!


Bryan McGonigal


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