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Good Morning . . .


To me, boxing is like a ballet, except there's no music, no choreography and the dancers hit each other.


I'm in the midst of enjoying some quality bonding time with my four year old son AJ, while Laura is away (yesterday morning though this evening).  Outside of not really being able to get any work done, this is so much fun!  Oops . . . I hear him waking up . . . gotta get going!  J          


FAMOUS BIRTHDAYS, February 16th  

1992 - Steffani Brad (child actress)

1961 - Andy Taylor (singer, songwriter, guitarist)

1959 - John McEnroe (tennis player)

1958 - Ice-T (rapper, actor)

1957 - LeVar Burton (actor)

1938 - Barry Primus (actor)

1935 - Sonny Bono (singer, congressman)

1932 - Gretchen Wyler (actress, d. 2007)

1921 - Vera-Ellen (actress, dancer, d. 1981)

1918 - Patty Andrews (singer)

1914 - Jimmy Wakely (actor, d. 1982)

1909 - Hugh Beaumont (actor, d. 1982)

1903 - Edgar Bergen (actor, ventriloquist, d. 1978)

1901 - Chester Morris (actor, d. 1970)

1893 - Katherine Cornell (actress, producer, d. 1974)



Bright Ideas

London's Gymbox in Bank athletic club, recognizing that lifting weights can be a boring way to exercise, introduced "human barbells" recently, hiring five men of various sizes (including two dwarfs) that customers could use for weights instead of the iron. One advantage of the humans is that, on request, they shout encouragement to the customer with each lift. The largest of the five is a 37-year-old, 340-pound man.


Walter Tessier was charged with one of the pettiest of petit larceny counts in January as sheriff's deputies in Amsterdam, N.Y., said he tried to defraud a Price Chopper store. Tessier had purchased a $10.99 lobster but returned it, claiming that it had turned "bad," and the store allowed him some crab meat in exchange, but employees discovered that the "lobster" was only its empty, carefully reconstructed shell that made it appear whole. Tessier then ran from the store but was arrested later at his home, where he had just finished the crab meat.


Family Values

The sheriff in El Dorado, Kan., asked in January for help from the public in locating a missing boy named Adam. According to the sheriff, Adam's parents, Doug and Valerie Herrman, only recently reported him missing, even though they had not seen him since he ran away in 1999, when he was 11. The Herrmans' attorney said that his clients were nonetheless "very worried about him."



As a reminder, my reason for sending this is to help keep communication lines open between friends while hopefully adding a bit of levity to the day.  Back issues are available in the Deep Thoughts section of my website.  Have a great week!


Bryan McGonigal


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