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Good Morning . . .


One day one of my little nephews came up to me and asked me if the equator was a real line that went around the Earth, or just an imaginary one. I had to laugh. Laugh and laugh. Because I didn't know, and I thought that maybe by laughing he would forget what he asked me.


A tough game for Bears fans to swallow yesterday . . . the Bears were 6-2 against the Packers since 2004 (under coach Lovie Smith) but seemingly gave all those points back in this 37-3 trouncing.  Ouch!  Guess we'll have to look forward to some revenge at Soldier Field on December 22nd . . . and maybe the Bears will show up this time.



1980 - Isaac Hanson (singer, guitarist)

1977 - Laura Wilkinson (diver)

1966 - Daisy Fuentes (TV personality)

1960 - RuPaul (actor, singer, composer, dancer)

1958 - Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio (actress)

1944 - Danny DeVito (actor, director)

1944 - Lorne Michaels (creater, executive producer, producer, actor)

1944 - Tom Seaver (baseball)

1943 - Lauren Hutton (actress)

1942 - Martin Scorsese (director)

1942 - Bob Gaudio (singer)

1941 - Gene Clark (singer, musician, d. 1991)

1938 - Gordon Lightfoot (singer, songwriter)

1937 - Peter Cook (producer, comedian, writer, actor, d. 1995)

1925 - Rock Hudson (actor, d. 1985)

1916 - Shelby Foote (historian, writer, d. 2005)

1905 - Mischa Auer (actor, d. 1967)

1901 - Lee Strasberg (director; teacher of method acting, d. 1982)



Least Competent Criminals

Jose Diaz Jr., 35, was arrested and charged with shoplifting from a Wal-Mart in Madison Township, Ohio, in October after attempting to run from the store with a digital camera. He first crashed into the glass front door (which looked open, but was closed), cutting himself badly, but then exited into the parking lot, where he almost immediately ran into a cement post, allowing security personnel to catch up with him.


Mechanically Inclined Perverts

Akira Hino, 51, was arrested in Tokyo in September and charged with stealing a woman's underpants, using a fishing rod to reach a laundry pole on an apartment balcony. Police found more than 500 women's undies in his apartment.


The Only Way Out

Initially, authorities ruled the March shooting death of Texas restaurant executive Thomas Hickman, 55, a kidnap-murder, since he had been shot in the back of the head and the body dumped in the New Mexico desert. Later, however, investigators found the murder weapon nearby, attached to balloons that had snagged on cactus, and in July concluded that Hickman had killed himself but rigged helium-filled balloons to carry the gun away as he lay dying (a plan that resembled a 2003 episode of "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation").



As a reminder, my reason for sending this is to help keep communication lines open between friends while hopefully adding a bit of levity to the day.  Back issues are available in the Deep Thoughts section of my website.  Have a great week!


Bryan McGonigal


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